Vision 60 Synopsis

The Vision 60® Q-UGV®, is a high-endurance, agile, and durable all-weather ground robot for use in a broad range of unstructured urban and natural environments for defense, homeland, and enterprise applications.

Agile and Unstoppable

The agility provided by four legs means the Vision 60 can go pretty much anywhere people can go. It climbs stairs and steep hills, scrambles over rocks, and wades through swamps. Legs outperform wheeled and tracked unmanned ground vehicles on unstructured terrain, debris fields, steep inclines, and of course, inside facilities with stairs.

If the Vision 60 slips and falls, it gets right back up. If it’s tipped over, it even has the ability to operate completely inverted.

Rugged and Robust

Vision 60 robots are robust they have an IP67 rating, which means the platform is fully sealed from dust and can be sub- merged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The Vision 60 can also operate in temperatures from -40º to 55º C (-40º to 131º F).

Unique “Blind Mode” Enhances Navigation

The Vision 60 has the unequaled ability to navigate through tall grass and unknown terrain even when its vision sensors are obscured by mud, rain, snow or

direct sunlight. We achieve this using proprietary meth- ods that mimic how mammals operate across a broad array of urban and rural environments. When other quadrupedal robots encounter environmental factors in the real world, they become paralyzed which results in the robot having to end its mission.

Remarkable Endurance and Operating Time

The Vision 60 is highly energy-efficient, giving it unusual endurance. The robot can travel up to 6.0 miles on a single charge, depending on payload and operating conditions.

Operating time is up to 3.15 hours in full motion. If the Vision 60 is sitting, it can operate up to 21 hours with the computer on and RGB cameras monitoring.

Open Architecture

We believe in an open architecture to allow for innovation.

Users and partners can leverage Ghost’s robust SDK to build applications and integrate any sensor, radio, or electronics by using the industry-standard Robot Operating System (ROS/ ROS2) framework. You can even go deep into our ARM con-

troller and build your own behaviors with C/C++. As a result, almost any attachment is possible.

Easily Field Repairable

Sub-assemblies on the Vision 60 can be swapped out within minutes. This includes the legs, battery, main CPU, and front and rear sensor heads.