Robotics Leasing Program

Robotics Leasing provides fast product acquisition without upfront fees and manageable payments.   

In addition, there are certain tax advantages and positive effects on cash flow and balance sheets.   

Ghost Leasing offers a 5-Year Lease on the VISION 60® Q-UGV® 5th and for clients chosen Payloads.   

The Lease includes a Support & Maintenance Warranty that protects the VISION 60® for the lease term. 

The Warranty covers all software updates, full hardware coverage, priority maintenance (including shipping), and preventative maintenance (every 4000 walk hours).


Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicles, or Q-UGVs, are no longer relegated to university lab projects. They have a place in a broad range of government and enterprise applications where mobile robots with four legs have inherent advantages over wheels, tracks, and even bipedal systems.

They’re unstoppable, with the ability to get right back up from any slip, fall, or failure and keep moving using our proprietary blind-mode operations.

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